Beach Ice Cream People

: Beach bar to serve ice cream for pe. You work in a beach bar to serve delicious ice cream to people here. They are in a hurry, so, be fast and accurate., Category: Cooking Games أيس كريم بحر العاب طبخ . Created: 2009-11-24 10:52:11 , Updated: 2009-11-25 07:33:36 , Brought to you by: Samar Games ***** Please, Wait for downloading the game - File size is 1.71 MB - Takes 2.8 Minutes .

Beach Ice Cream People

How to

Follow the instructions and use mouse to serve ice cream as required by customers..

استخدم الماوس لتقديم الأيس كريم حسب طلب الزبون. أضغط على الطلب ثم تظهر المكونات لعمله.

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