Extreme Race

: Avoid obstacles. Avoid obstacles and try to stay on the racing track for 90 seconds., Category:ass="loj" style="color:#CC3300;"> : . , Category: Driving Games سباق التوازن العاب سيارات . Created: 2008-06-24 10:22:47 , Updated: 2008-12-27 03:14:30 , Brought to you by: Samar Games ***** Please, Wait for downloading the game - File size is 1.67 MB - Takes 2.8 Minutes .

Extreme Race

How to

Avoid obstacles and try to stay on the racing track for 90 seconds.

Arrow key left = move left
Arrow key right = move right

ابتعد عن العقبات و حاول التواجد في المسار تسعين ثانية . استخدم الأسهم للحركة

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Extreme race

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