Mind Fields

: Your goal is to move a tank to its g. Your goal here is to place different tiles on a play field in order to move a tank towards its goal, the enemy flag. Use your left mouse button to cli, Category: Puzzle Games حقل ألغام العاب ذكاء و حل الألغاز . Created: 2008-05-05 18:48:14 , Updated: 2008-10-28 16:22:01 , Brought to you by: Samar Games ***** Please, Wait for downloading the game - File size is 0.55 MB - Takes 0.9 Minutes .

Mind Fields

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<>Mind fields 2 is the latest puzzle game created by the talented folks at Game sheep (Crystal Clear, Makos, Weird ville). This game is the sequel to Mind fields 2204, a game released last December and it comes with a better design and a few new features. Your goal here is to place different tiles on a playfield in order to move a tank towards its goal, the enemy flag! Use your left mouse button to click on the toolbox items on the right of the game window and drag tiles onto the desired position on the grid. The gameplay is close to IQ Marathon or PiratenSpiel, and the game uses level codes to save your progress. On the downside, the music loop is short and becomes repetitive after a few minutes. It would also have been a nice feature to add a fast speed button to accelerate the process. That being said, Mind fields 2 is a fun and really challenging game, recommended to fill a few hours during a Saturday afternoon.

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Mind fields

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