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Just sign up to enter the contest , Play more and win prizes
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Winners for this week 08/31/2008 are : (heros)
BillTowers who wins *** Disney Mix Max ***
Mostafa who wins *** R/C car ****
Madgirl who wins *** Barbie Baby Doctor Playset ***
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First winner enjoy this fine gadget Disney Mix Max - Tinkerbell Second winner have great adventure with Cyclone Revolution Stunt Car - Black Barbie Baby Doctor Playset
Get plugged in with Disney Mix Max. With a delicate white Tinkerbell theme, this tiny, pocket-sized player is entertainment on the go! Full-function player can be used to watch movies, TV shows or music videos; listen to MP3s; or check out digital photos. It features kid-friendly navigation and easy-to-use playback controls. Compatible with MP3, WMA audio and WMV/MP4 video files. Connects to your home computer to download files. Includes everything you need for connection, including a USB port and rechargeable battery. Measures 4" x 2". These R/C cars are ready for action with just a pull of the trigger. With detailed rubber all-terrain tires and spinning front wheels, the Cyclone can go almost anywhere and do almost anything. Whether you are simply exploring a dirt trail or racing another car, this R/C car has it all!
* Super Wheelies and Spinning Action
* Turbo 360i front axles spins
* Does Super Flips, Turns, Rolls and Stunts
* Oversized Off-Road, Air-Cushioned, All-Terrain Knobby Tires
* Full-Function Remote Control
* Battery Pack and Charger Included
* NiCad and 9-Volt Batteries Included
* Measures 16" x 9.5" x 9.5"
This fun fashion doll wears trendy clothes with hip accessories and includes lots of play pieces for her Baby Doctor assignment. The tools girls need to play out these "real life" careers are included. Dolls cannot stand alone. Doll measures 12".

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